What’s love got to do with it?

The Art of Scent: NYC

I was recently in New York where I was at the Elements Showcase; a show dedicated to niche and indie perfumes. I also had the chance to go to The Art of Scent at the Museum of Arts and Design where I learned even more about the recent history of fragrance. (Read all about it here: Review: The Art of Scent (1889-2012). At the Showcase I met with creators and noses who shared their love of what they do with me and brought me into their fascinating world of ingredients from around the world, their stories, dreams, inspirations and love affairs behind their creations. They took me on a journey without me even having to leave the show and I fell in love with what I do all over again. (You will start to see new fragrances at Etiket very soon!)

But what does love have to do with it?

The short answer is: EVERYTHING! But that would make a very short intro to our sixth newsletter and our first Valentine’s Day one, all about LOVE. Why are we writing about love when we sell skin care, fragrance and make-up? Because we think that loving yourself and those around you is about the most important thing you can do.

What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day for me draws up all kinds of memories. Every year when I was a child my mother would bake me a heart shaped cake and ice it with pink icing and cinnamon hearts. Somehow I forgot that she always did that, and each year it was a beautiful surprise that showed me once again that she loved me. As a child we often need those concrete expressions of love but is it any different now? Who doesn’t hope for that bouquet of roses (as corny as it may be) or a box of chocolates or a bottle of perfume? These days I think we go a little father to find something different as we all seem to have so much and yet all we really want to say and hear is: I LOVE YOU.

Valentine’s Day: SOLVED!

Valentine’s Day has become very commercial and we are going to give you all kinds of ideas if you want to find something for yourself or for someone else, but above all we want to remind you that love matters and sharing that love with those around you can make such a difference. We would of course love it if you would find something at Etiket to give but we would love it just as much if you would share a smile, buy someone you work for a coffee, make the bed instead of letting your partner do it, or find the courage to say: I LOVE YOU to someone who may just need to hear it.

We hope you enjoy this issue….well actually we hope you LOVE it!

Simon Tooley

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