Has it really been a year already for The Etiket Insider?

It seems impossible to me that The Etiket Insider is officially one year old. We have produced twelve newsletters over the last year and I don’t know how many posts to keep you up to date on what we are doing and what is going on in skin care, fragrance, make-up and what we can all do to feel good about ourselves. We have taken you with us to let you see first hand why we carry the products and brands that we do and the stories behind them. The story and inspiration behind a brand is often as important to me as the brand itself.

Tata Harper at Etiket!The Etiket Insider is headed by Natalie Cola and Karine Raymond, our two beauty editors, who are always searching for what is new to share with you, and to make sure we are only sharing what we feel can make a difference in your beauty and skin care regimens.  We are all so time pressed these days and we want to make sure that what we are sending to your inbox has value for you.

Jerome Epinette, Christophe Cervassei, Sylvie Ganter - Atelier Cologne
Jerome Epinette, Christophe Cervassei, Sylvie Ganter – Atelier Cologne




I feel very honoured when I look back and see all of the people that we have met at Etiket. We had Tata Harper doing facials at an in-store event last September, Gerard Camme the president of Atelier Cologne doing our first engraving event together, and Rodrigo Diaz to launch his body and hair care line GOA from India. I had the chance to interview Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter the creators of Atelier Cologne in New York, and we have interviewed Bill Baker from Consonant and Jess Vivier from Vivier so you too may learn what makes these brands so special.  I was able to meet Carlos Huber from Arquiste, Céline Verleure from Olfactive Studio and Gérald Ghislain from Histoires de Parfums and learned more about fragrance and the passion that is behind niche perfumes as we continue to grow this area.

We pride ourselves on finding new products but always products that we think will add something to your life – be it in results oriented anti-aging skin care, a new perfume that you haven’t heard of, or something to treat yourself to. We were the first in Montreal to launch Arquiste, Etro, Olfactive Studio and Histoires de Parfums as well as Recipe for Men from Sweden, Consonant Skin Care and LoveFresh from Toronto, IS Clinical from Los Angeles and GOA from India.

Photo: Jonny Rueda for Movemboys
Photo: Jonny Rueda for Movemboys

We have definitely had some fun along the way too, from my screen debut testing the GlamGlow mud mask, to the whole team getting involved to support Movember. There is never a dull moment at Etiket!

Vaara launches at Etiket on Wednesday September 11th

Now although I believe in looking back it is now time to look forward! The next four months are going to be full of events, new product launches and I know some unexpected discoveries as well. We have our first event on Wednesday, September 11th with Celene Aguilar from Penhaligon’s coming in for our launch of Vaara, their latest fragrance.  In October we start with a day dedicated to GloMinerals on Thursday, October 4th where we are inviting you to come in to learn all about the benefits of mineral make-up and on Thursday, October 10th we are welcoming back Jared Manning from Atelier Cologne when we will officially launch their newest scent: Silver Iris. On Thursday, November 21st we will be holding our second VIP Shopping night and after last year’s success, we cannot wait to do it again.  What about the new products and brands to come? We will be sure to let you know as they arrive  – don’t worry!

From all of us at The Etiket Insider, thank you for making us part of your day-to-day lives. If you are using the skin care we offer or the fragrances that we love then, we really are with you in a very intimate way each day and we are honoured to be there with you.

Simon Tooley

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