The Etiket Fragrance Sample Program: Try It Before You Buy It!


If you are a perfume lover, or are looking for your next signature scent, then you probably want to try as many fragrances as possible. Purchasing a fragrance can be somewhat of a financial commitment, especially when considering the pricier niche side of the scent spectrum, and so, we think you should always try it before you buy it!

Whether it be niche, classic or contemporary, your signature scent should evoke a powerful emotional response and should reflect your personal style. It’s important to understand that what you are essentially experiencing when sniffing a new scent for the first time is a combination of “fragrance notes”. These notes can be considered the DNA of the perfume and make up a composition that ultimately smells quite unique on each person’s skin. Notes such as lemon, patchouli, rose and amber give description to a fragrance and communicates it’s possible evolution. So, what you are smelling at the first spritz of a fragrance is typically not what you are left with. Most fragrances have three levels of notes that follow sequence, yet usually overlap. Understanding the placement of each of the notes is helpful when testing new fragrances.

Top Notes: These are the notes that will give you the first impression of a fragrance. They are typically lighter notes such as citruses, green notes and light florals.

Middle Notes: These are the notes that you may experience anywhere from two minutes after spraying up to an hour later and usually consist of spices, woods and some heavier florals such as rose and jasmine.

Base Notes: These are the rich, deeper notes that merge with the middle notes to create the overall theme of the fragrance and anchor it. These notes leave a lasting impression and make up the sillage (the scent trail that lingers). These notes usually consist of heavy woods, amber, vanilla, moss and musks.

These fragrance notes can then classified into olfactive families by their material. Olfactive families share dominant notes, such as citrus, floral, woody, oriental, fougère and more.

While it is helpful to read fragrance reviews, or get recommendations, in the end you must try the perfume on your own skin to experience it and maybe even fall in love before deciding to make that financial commitment. This is why we have put in place a fragrance sample program, providing an easy way to order samples of any of the fragrances that we carry from wherever you are in Canada!

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All of our perfume samples are listed here and come in a standard glass perfume vial (0.7ml) with a plastic wand applicator. There is a minimum of four samples for each order and a maximum of two samples per fragrance.

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