The Beauty of Balance

As the summer comes to an end and we stop taking those long weekends, or the kids are back in school, and work seems to be work again, we all seem to be looking for a little more balance. For each of us balance means something different. For me it means not getting on the computer first thing in the morning when I get up and getting myself off to the gym. It means remembering to stop for lunch now that we are busier than ever with events in the store every Saturday and a major event coming up every month (Tata Harper herself in the store on September 14th and the launch of GloMinerals on September 22nd). It means making the decision to eat at home more often and eating well if I am out in a restaurant. It means reminding myself that I need quiet time too whether I want it or not – no Facebook, no Twitter, no iPad or iPhone or computer – just some quiet time in my garden.


We forget sometimes that finding a balance that works for us helps us physically as much as mentally. For me, more sleep, eating well, and working out means a clearer
complexion, no dark circles AND feeling better about myself when I look in the mirror. Following my morning routine to cleanse my skin, put on that serum and eye cream that I seem to need more as I am about to turn 50 is almost asimportant as the SPF cream that I put on each day whether I want to or not. And yes, I make myself do the same thing at night because those active ingredients we keep telling you about work best when used at night during our sleep. I know, I just want to climb into bed too! As the owner of Etiket I am lucky to be able to test out all of the products that we sell to not only see what works and doesn’t work, but seeing what works for me. As I get older that seems to be more and more important, listening to my body and that voice inside me that knows sometimes better than I do. We always tell you that if you want to see results you need to be consistent in your skin care regimen.

An afternoon GLAMGLOW mask at the office. Why not!

Is that consistency not part of finding balance? It is also about being honest about what works for each one of us. I love the idea of a 10-day silent meditation retreat but I know I would be screaming for my iPhone after two! I know that a masque once a week would do me a world of good but I prefer to visit Paule our esthetian for a facial (if she can squeeze me in!).

In this, our first issue of The Etiket Insider, come with us as we explore what we have to offer to help you find the beauty of balance in your life.  ~ Simon Tooley


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Etiket is a luxury retail and on-line destination providing the best in cosmeceuticals, skincare and beauty products as well as exclusive perfumes and accessories. At our boutique we also offer a range of esthetic services.

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