SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE: Night Repair For Your Skin

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In recent years, the world of cosmeceuticals has changed considerably due to scientific discoveries that have helped to unravel the mystery of cellular aging. One of the key factors that explains cell degeneration is the oxidation of the tissues due to the presence of free radicals.

The main environmental factors that contribute to skin damage are sunlight, infrared radiation, environmental pollution, climate and smoking. These external factors cause free radical aggressions which causes a chain reaction of damaging effects on the skin barrier’s function and destroys the vital components of cells within. When cells become less able to defend themselves against external aggression and can no longer function properly, signs of aging appear which includes wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.

To “prevent” this accelerated aging, it is imperative that you use topical products containing antioxidants. These targeted products act as a defense system to help fight skin damage by neutralizing free radicals caused by all the environmental factors mentioned above.

Among the best known and most effective antioxidants are vitamins C and E, ferulic acid and phloretin. There are also many others, such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin B3, lycopene and green tea, but, one in particular that stands out for its regenerative properties is resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant is found in grapes, nuts, fruits and red wine.

Resveratrol, known as the “longevity molecule”, has the ability to neutralize the internal production of free radicals and boost the skin’s natural healing and repairing process to correct signs of aging.


revers La nuit travaille pour vous avec le Resvératrol B E!

SkinCeuticals’ winning formula of Resveratrol combines two other antioxidants, baicalin and vitamin E. Used synergistically the results are unparalleled – nighttime use plus the antioxidant protection of vitamin C applied during the day helps to prevent and protect skin from harmful environmental stress with continuous protection, 24 hours a day!

Yet, another find with unique and potent antioxidant properties that can easily be integrated into your evening skin care regimen to help maintain and enhance healthy, supple and radiant skin!



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