Skin Care Tip: How To Treat Those Tiny Bumps On The Back Of Your Arms

If you have tiny red bumps on the backs of your arms, you may be dealing with keratosis pilaris, a common skin condition caused by blocked hair follicles (ingrown hair) on the skin. Scrubbing them with a a body brush or picking at them could make the matter worse. Instead, us a body lotion with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids which gently exfoliates, helps to smooth rough skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

We recommend: Alyria Resurfacing Body Care

Resurfacing Body Care is formulated with glycolic acid the AHA of choice, in an Amphoteric System™. This patented controlled release technology slows the release of glycolic acid. The potential irritation of an AHA formula is primarily due to the rapid penetration of AHA free acid molecules into the skin. By controlling the release of the glycolic acid, the skin will tolerate a higher concentration, resulting in a faster exfoliation. It will slough off dead skin cells on the surface of dry and rough areas of the entire body. Regular use of this fast-absorbing lotion will help to soften elbows and knees, minimize calluses on feet, keratosis pilaris on arms, and prevent ingrown hairs, revealing silky-smooth, moisturized skin.


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