Save Your Skin Foundation

At Etiket, we believe in giving back. We also believe in awareness for melanoma and non- melanoma skin cancers. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada and we are not even a nation known for our “Sun”. As you can imagine, the rates of skin cancer are highest in countries like Australia and the southern U.S., like Florida and California. Despite that, skin cancer is still one of the fastest growing diagnoses for cancer in Canada and it has become imperative that we all learn as much as possible so that we can be aware of the potential dangers and take precautions that can save our lives.

We have associated ourselves with the Save Your Skin Foundation and 5% of sales on all Sun Care products (products with SPF) or any St. Tropez products or the St. Tropez Treatment will go to the Foundation. The objectives of the Save Your Skin Foundation are: to provide financial assistance for education, awareness, and treatment, to promote education and awareness of skin cancer, and to raise funds to further research treatment options. For more information visit

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