Perfume Review: Olfactive Studio Panorama EDP

o.32144Olfactive Studio Panorama sparked a lot of interest for me because of the unusual wasabi note that this fragrance is built upon. I don’t think I can think of any other fragrance that has wasabi notes besides something I smelled years ago from Bath & Body Works. Not sure that really counts anyway. After doing a bit of research, I did find a fragrance from NEST – Wasabi Pear Body & Soul Spray. Does that count? Still not sure. So, here I am about to sniff a fragrance with a note that I have only experienced with my sushi… and all I can think about is that sharp taste and dry fire in my nose when I have added a bit too much wasabi to my soy sauce. Not my best attempt at clearing my mind before sniffing. So, instead of thinking of wasabi, I focused my attention on the photograph that inspired this 7th fragrance from Olfactive Studio – a gorgeous photo of the Sheats-Goldstein residence in Beverley Crest, Los Angeles. Fascinating architectural design of a cave-like dwelling that opens to embrace quite the panoramic view of nature and city.

I closed my eyes with this photograph in mind and took a sniff. If edge had a smell, this would be it! Citrus, spice and sweet vanilla create a warm and cold effect. The spice from the wasabi and cardamom is not as strong as I would have thought. As Panorama begins to settle on my skin, I can smell green grass and a very subtle floral from the violet leaf mixed with the creaminess of fig. This leads nicely into the finish – a musk that is powdery, yet still spicy. This is that “edgy smell” I was talking about. Very unique, soft and sexy. Suitable for a man or a woman, but then again, I do believe that all fragrances are unisex.

I am so impressed with the composition and complexity of Olfactive Studio Panorama! It’s been a while since I have been so intrigued by a scent. Could this be my new scent for spring? I think so. As much as I love my Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, I think its time for something new.

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor

Olfactive Studio Panorama EDP


Top Notes: Bergamot and lemon
Middle Notes: Wasabi, violet leaf, fig leaf, galbanum, cardamom and grass
Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, tonka bean, myrrh, balsam fir, patchouli, labdanum

Availability: In-store and online.

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