Penhaligon’s Sartorial: The Scent of Saville Row

We have a lot of favourite fragrances at Etiket and one of them is Sartorial from Penhalion’s of London. When it comes to a classic men’s fragrance what better than a scent inspired by Saville Row? Who wouldn’t have a bespoke suit made there if they could? Why not at least have a fragrance from London with its roots on that famous street?

Sartorial by Penhaligon's
Sartorial by Penhaligon’s

Created by Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, we think that the next best thing to a Saville Row suit is a splash of this contemporary interpretation of a classic Fougère; the traditional notes of oakmoss, tonka bean and lavender that has been exquisitely stitched together with woods, ozonic and metallic effects, leather, violet leaf, honey and spices to create the perfect illusion of a tailor’s workroom, and more importantly, a true gentleman. Well, we think a gentleman with a sexy, mysterious side to him as well.

Sartorial brings together the great traditions of British perfumery and British bespoke tailoring, Sartorial is a fragrance for a new generation of gentlemen. The modern thread running through Sartorial is beeswax; echoing the blocks of wax each thread is run across before stitching. This sweet smudged note ties together the more traditional elements; the oiled flash of shears cutting cloth, the rub of fabric beneath fingers, tobacco tinted cabinetry, puffs of chalk in the air and old paper patterns vanilla with age.

Don’t worry, we don’t get the video either but we like it none the less….CHEERS!

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