New York, New York!

Last weekend I took off for a couple of days to visit the city that never sleeps. While this was not my first trip to New York City, it kind of was.
I have actually been to the “Big Apple” a few times, but always just passing through and never really stopping to enjoy the city for what it is: An incredible mix of people, food, smells, traffic, shopping and more!

Overstimulated? Yes. Inspired? Absolutely, because on any given day and at any given moment, world leaders, celebrities, designers and fashion models join millions of locals and tourists in every shape and colour, rich and poor, going about their lives on the streets of this incredible city.

In New York City, you or the person next to you, could be just about anybody in the world. I like that so much!

Here are some photos from my mini-break:

NYC Subway

Did you know?: The New York subway system is the largest mass transit system in the world with 468 stations and 842 miles (1355 km) of track.


Random NYC streets.









Prada Flagship Store in SoHo




Did you know?: It cost $40 million to develop 23,000 square feet of retail space for Prada’s SoHo flagship store.




New York Soft Pretzel




Did you know?: New York City has 4000 street food vendors including hot dogs, pretzels, falafel, kabobs, and more!



Atelier Cologne in Nolita






Did you Know?: The neighbourhood of Nolita’s got it’s name from “NOrth of Little ITAly”?






Did you know?: NYC Fleet Week takes place every year in late May, ending on Memorial Day weekend. This is a tradition in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock for one week. Once the ship docks, the crew may enter the city and visit as a tourist. At certain hours, the public can take a guided tour of the ship.




In two weeks, I will be going back to New York City with Simon for the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2012 – an event-based group of fragrance aficionados that originated in New York City and now unites perfume enthusiasts from around the world. I can’t wait!

Natalie Cola
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