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While searching for ways to preserve epidermal stem cells, which are responsible for creating new skin cells, Pro-Derm researchers discovered plant stem cells derived from apples and argan. These two exceptional active ingredients have the unique ability to regenerate damaged stem cells and are at the core of their very latest innovations – StemYouth Skin Care! This new line consists of three products that harness the power of plant stem cells to protect skin from environmental aggressors, reduce the visible signs of aging (primarily wrinkles and skin sagging) and help correct uneven skin tone and texture. They also protect skin from UV aging and help stimulate antioxidants to preserves skin’s glow and youthfulness.

Who is StemYouth Skin Care For?
Men and women 35 and over, regardless of skin type, including highly sensitive skin. These products can be used regularly or alternately with other products that contain AHA, fruit acid, salicylic acid, retinol, or any other treatment that stimulates the natural exfoliation process.


StemYouth Day Cream
Enriched with grape seed oil, argan oil, wild mango and shea butter, StemYouth Day Cream helps fight and  prevent the premature signs of ageing. With regular use,  skin becomes smoother as wrinkles become less visible. The skin regains its tone and elasticity. Available in 2 formulas: A rich and ultra hydrating formula for dry skin and a lighter formula for normal and combination skin,  ideal for a matte finish. No parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. Not tested on animals.

StemYouth Serum
A powerful serum combining Plant Stem Cell technology and potent anti-aging properties that help restore each cell’s natural regenerative role in order to ensure maximum protection during the day and cellular repair at night for skin that is visibly smooth, firm, plump and exceptionally radiant.


StemYouth Night Cream
An innovative night cream using argan and sirtuin, an active protein that helps to extend the life of each cell and repair skin while you sleep, reducing the premature signs of aging. With regular use, wrinkles and skin sagging are less visible, while skin appears more youthful and radiant. No parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. Not tested on animals.

StemYouth Tensor Anti-Fatigue Tissue Mask
An innovative facial mask that provides an immediate lifting effect! Made of cutting-edge material that hugs facial contours perfectly for better performance, this mask contains a liposomal preparation of plant stem cells that helps to fight the visible signs of aging and fatigue. The results are immediate: features are tightened smoothed and rejuvenated. Skin is plump, energized, refreshed and radiant. No parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. Not tested on animals.

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