Holiday Essentials To Celebrate In Style!


189-3Prepare Your Skin

Does your busy holiday schedule allow time for a visit to your esthetician? We hope so! While enjoying a bit of down time, your skin can benefit from a deep cleanse. What is the must-have treatment? Without hesitation, we recommend theHydraFacial! In addition to providing exfoliation and deep cleansing, it also infuses the skin with powerful antioxidant serums selected according to your skin type. The result is beautifully smooth, supple and hydrated skin that appears healthier and brighter than ever!


At-Home Beauty Regimen

Are you overloaded with holiday activities? It’s easy to neglect your skin at this time of year with so much going on. Luckily, there is a solution! Treat your skin to a quick and easy exfoliating mask. These treatments work to rid skin of the build-up of dead skin cells, which prevent your skin from looking radiant. Choose from GlamGlow’s original formula, theMicro-Peel AHA Masque from Pro-Derm, or Environ’s new Revival Mask.



Blemishes Be Gone!

Because it can happen to the best of us, make sure you always have a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide on hand. As soon as you see the first sign of a blemish, apply a few drops to the area to avoid a full outbreak. An essential for clear skin all the time! And remember, it’s never a good idea to squeeze or pop pimples as this can aggravate the area, making it worse and may even lead to scaring!


Perfectly Primed

Skin should always look it’s best! The Clarisonic brush is our go-to tool of the trade! It removes dirt; excess oil and makeup, priming your skin to better absorb serums and topical treatments. After regular uses, the skin’s texture is beautifully transformed; the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles are minimized and you are left with softer, smoother skin. The perfect canvas for your makeup application!




‘Tis The Season for Glamorous Makeup!

The holiday season is a time to let go and be a bit more adventurous with your makeup. Shimmer and glam will be the look of the season, but in moderation of course. We wouldn’t want to compete with the Christmas tree – less is always more! A classic looks with shades that will enhance your features and brighten your complexion is always in good taste. The GloMinerals KeepSake Collection has everything you need to ensure your makeup looks glamorous and sexy, yet naturally elegant!

screen-capture-281Maintain Perfect Skin Throughout The Holiday Season!

Premiology’s Laser Glow Serum became one of our top products this year. An incredibly luxurious serum that magnifies skin luminosity and enhances skin texture. In a few seconds, Laser Glow Serum tightens pores, evens the complexion, and provides antioxidant protection. What’s more? It is one of the best makeup primers ever!





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