Help the Farha Foundation and those living with HIV

This year is the 20th anniversary of CA MARCHE, Montreal’s AIDS walk put on by the Farha Foundation. I have been a volunteer with the Foundation since it began and have been honoured to have held the positions of vice-president and president over the past 20 years.
I became involved in the Foundation because too many of my friends were sick and dying 20 years ago. Today HIV is a very different disease but too many people are still contracting it – a disease that is 100% preventable if we protect ourselves. Too many people think that HIV is curable. Too many people do not realize that even though there are now incredible medications to make life easier for those who get it, it is still an incurable disease.

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Ron Farha, a Montreal businessman who got HIV, started the Farha Foundation that puts on CA MARCHE, the AIDS walk, each year. Ron had the courage to stand up, tell his community that he had HIV and help those less fortunate than he to live with HIV and to die with dignity. Today that legacy is carried on by his mother, Evelyn Farha and his three sisters, Nancy, Carolyn, and Linda. This family has dedicated their lives to helping those living with HIV. Today the needs of those living with HIV are very different than when Ron started the Foundation, but they still need the Foundation. They need the organizations that the Farha Foundation supports to help them in their daily lives and to do that, the Foundation needs our financial support.

If you would like to donate directly to the Farha Foundation, click here: DONATE.

If you would like to donate with Etiket, we are offering 10% off on all on-line purchases to encourage you and we will donate 10% of all on-line sales until September 30th at midnight to the Farha Foundation. Click here for more information: Etiket sees RED!

Or come and walk with us on Sunday, September 30th in Montreal. We will be out walking to show Montreal that we still care for those who live with HIV and for those we have lost to this disease. We will walk to remind everyone that they must protect themselves. We will walk to show Montreal that there is no stigma to HIV and that this is a disease like any other. Click here for info: CA MARCHE

Together, we will make a difference!

Simon Tooley
President – Etiket

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