Get The Look: The Great Gatsby Makeup, 1920’s Glam!

264ab46b-bfb5-4180-b8cf-157a96fdb156_the-great-gatsby-beauty-glamourF. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, captivated readers with its complicated love triangle and opulent setting when it was published in 1925. Next, the Roaring Twenties came alive for audiences when the book was put to life by Mia Farrow and Robert Redford in the first movie adaptation in 1974. Now the newest version of the film has come to life featuring the devastatingly handsome Leonardo DiCaprio and British beauty Carey Mulligan!

We have become so inspired by1920’s glamour and we’re taking note of Daisy Buchannen’s soft, dreamy makeup….and so, it’s time to dust off the old dressing table and break out the powder puffs  because this spring is all about Great Gatsby glamour!

To create this look, is easier than you may think because it is relatively low maintenance, with neutral eye shadows and bold lips taking centre stage.

“Nude eye shadows with bold lips is what 1920’s glam is all about,” explains Ariane Lemire, Etiket’s resident makeup artist. “There’s no real need for bronzer and minimal blush will do, as this look is all about the eyes and lips.”

A pore-less, flawless complexion is the foundation of this look. Apply plenty of moisturizer, and use a good quality primer under your foundation.

Myrtle“With 1920’s glamour, the hair frames the face, so make sure your complexion is glowing and flawless. Set makeup with a hydration mist to ensure it stays fresh for hours.” says Ariane. 

It’s also worth paying extra attention to your eyebrows – Great Gatsby glamour means beautifully-defined brows shaped into a elegant arches with a well-defined tail (take note of Myrtle, played by Isla Fisher).

“Shape your brows into a beautiful curve, with the highest point sitting above the iris of your eyes, then lightly fill in any gaps with brow powder. Give the end of the brow a defined point for a bold but authentic 1920’s look.” Says Ariane.

If you’ve steered clear of bold lips until now, get your lip liner out because Great Gatsby glamour is all about a bold matte lip! Simply fill the whole lip with lip liner or blot your lipstick then mattify with a little Perfecting Powder.

“For the lips, go for a bold wine or red colour and build up lip colour with lip liner  for a punch of drama.” suggests Ariane.

Finally, it is important to remember to take it easy on the mascara.

Tip: “avoid using heavy black mascara on your lower lashes, as this can really age you,” warns Ariane. “However, If you cannot go without, use brown mascara on your lower lashes instead. It still gives a well defined look, but it is much more flattering.”



After applying Loose Base for a dewy, 1920’s glow, follow these steps:
1) Place Eye Shadow in opal on lid from the lash line to brow line.
2) Using the Precision Brow Pencil in taupe, draw a line starting from the inner corner of the crease and pull it to the outer corner.
3) Using the Smudge Brush, lightly blend Eye Shadow in twig into the taupe line while keeping the crease line thin.
4) With the Smudge Brush and Eye Shadow in twig, create a thin line on the lower lashline.
5) Draw a medium-thick line on the upper lashline with Precise Micro Eyeliner in black.
6) Only load upper lashes with Water Resistant Mascara and keep the lower lashes clean.
7) Blend Eye Shadow in seashell on lid from lash line to crease.
8) Draw a thin line through brows with a Precision Brow Pencil.
9) Apply Blush in innocent on cheekbones.
10) Apply Blush in sweet on apples of cheeks.
11) Fill lips in completely with the Precision Lip Pencil in vino

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