Fragrance Tip: How To Select A Perfume

Select A Perfume ENg

Fragrance Tip: How To Select A Perfume

1. Take Your Time: Sample no more than three fragrances at a a time. If you overwhelm your sense of smell with too many scents, they will all start to blend together leading to olfactory fatigue. Try cleansing your olfactory palate by smelling coffee beans in between fragrances.

2. Wear It: Make sure you try it on your skin, not just the test strip. The same perfume can smell completely different from one person to the next, as fragrances reacts uniquely to different body chemistries.

3. Wait: Allow the fragrance to fully develop and evolve on your skin before passing judgement. It takes at one to two hours for a fragrance to reach its true potential. Every perfume goes through stages based on its structure, from the initial spritz of the top notes to the unfolding of the heart notes and finally, the drydown which follows the base notes.

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