Fragrance Tip: How To Pack Perfume


If you want to travel with your favourite perfume, but do not want to risk taking an entire bottle, here are a few options to try:

1. Purchase sample sizes of your favourite fragrances. A Fragrance Sample Program can not only be useful in helping you find your next signature scent, but you can also purchase sample sizes to travel with!
2.  Check to see if your fragrance is available in solid form. Simply use your fingers to apply a small amount directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favourite scent. Most solid perfumes come in beautiful compact cases! Note: In some solid perfumes, it can take more time for deeper notes to develop than an eau de toilette spray perfume.
3.  Invest in one or two travel atomizers. Refillable atomizers can be used over and over again and are easy to fill with your favourite fragrance. Note: It is best to have one atomizer per fragrance as the scent remains with the atomizer even after emptied and cleaned. 
4. Purchase the Travel & Gift Set of your favourite perfume. They usually come with a smaller fragrance size and some even come with a travel atomizer!

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