The Etiket Questionnaire: Mikael Snabb, Jesper Matsch, and Jesper Rönnbäck – Founders of Recipe For Men

​Recipe for Men was founded by three men with a great love for the ski slopes and an active lifestyle. Jesper Rönnbäck (a former member of the Swedish Olympic Freestyle team), Jesper Matsch, and Mikael Snabb became friends and business partners while in college. After a day spent on the slopes in the late 90s, the three were warming up in the ski lodge when the idea of men’s skincare came up in conversation. Skiing on the slopes of northern Sweden has some of the harshest winter climate conditions in the world! Countless hours of exposure to cold dry air, wind and sweating was a skincare disaster – causing severe dehydration, chapping and loss of elasticity.

Determined to find a solution to this skin care problem, Rönnbäck, Matsch, and Snabb quit their full-time jobs to develop Recipe for Men in 2003. The guys had a vision to incorporate Swedish design and beauty with truly effective skin care products for men. The goal was to formulate products that contain a high concentration of active ingredients, smooth textures, and subtle fragrances. Almost three years later, Recipe for Men launched in 2005 with its signature Scandinavian design in red. After receiving great press and several awards, it has become a top men’s brand in Sweden and is now available in over 25 countries.

What had started as an idea amongst friends on the slopes of northern Sweden, became one of the best and most logical skincare lines for men today! Not only do we love this no-fuss Swedish skin care brand, but our clients have fallen in love with it as well. We recently had the opportunity to send our questionnaire to the guys to find out a bit more about their daily lives. Meet the men behind the brand in The Etiket Questionnaire!*

*Questions answered by Jesper Matsch.




A good day starts with…  breakfast and a short trip to the gym.

I feel great when I…  have accomplished a goal.

I never leave the house without… pants on.

The next guilty pleasure purchase is… a too expensive Cervélo. 

The place I always come back to is…  Åre Ski Resort.

My personal style can be described as… Scandinavian Casual (Acne, Filippa K, J.Lindeberg).

The scent I most identify with is… our Anti Shine moisturizer. Stops my forehead and nose from shining.

When I travel, I always make sure that I… I have my mobile charger with me.

When I want to relax, I need… a bike ride. 

When I have a bad day I always… hug my son and try to remember that life isn’t just about deodorants and moisturizers. 

I find inspiration in… talking to other entrepreneurs and hanging out with my friends.

My go-to gift is… a scented candle from Malin+Goetz.

I would never want to miss out on… a Christmas feast with my buddies.

In my fridge, I always have… green olives. 

On my night table I keep…  a few books and magazines. However, I never read them, I just fall asleep in five seconds. 

My perfect weekend is… a mountain bike ride in the morning and then I play some soccer with my son. After that I take a nap and then a bbq with some friends. 

My most inspiring travel moment was when… I went to Whistler for the first time and realized what kind of snow they have there. 

The inspiration behind Recipe For Men is… to build a brand that guys really like. We want to be a brand that guys feel really do something good for their wellbeing.

If I had to lose one of my five senses it would be… my hearing. It would be very nice sometimes.

The one question I want to be asked in interviews is…  I guess it would be: “How can you be so happy all the time?”. 

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