Escentric Molecules Body Washes: The Science of Scent & Attraction


Will a shower with the new Escentric Molecules Body Washes have those around you try to get up close and personal?

Escentric 01 and Molecules 01 contain the infamous Iso E Super molecule, an aromatic chemical that smells of woody notes and is said to be an irresistible scent to attract those around you, because of its ability to mimic human pheromones – A bodily secretion in chemical form that can subconsciously trigger a sexual response in members of the same species. Very, very interesting right?

The Escentric Molecules range has been a phenomenal success since its inception in 2006 by Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schoen and has established a bit of a cult following. To complement the brand’s signature scents Escentric Molecules introduces their new unisex body washes. The three options have been formulated to enhance the olfactory experience by acting as a base layer to the scent. The idea is that you will wash with one of the products in the morning, and then follow up with a spritz of the corresponding perfume afterwards. The main active ingredient of these body washes is Energen, which contains sapindus mukorossi and caesalpinia spinosa. One is from the Himalayas, the other is from the Andes. They are paraben and sulphate-free, and well, irresistible!

Escentrci Molecules: Escentric 01 Body Wash 200ml

Escentrci Molecules: Escentric 02 Body Wash 200ml

Escentrci Molecules: Escentric 03 Body Wash 200ml

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