Dinner to Celebrate Atelier Cologne!

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The cozy back room at Jo’s restaurant in Nolita was the setting for the multi-course interactive dinner hosted by Sniffapalooza and Chef Tessa Liebman, which featured the work of special guest Master Perfumer Ralf Schwieger.

To prepare for  the event, Chef Tessa met with Ralf Schwieger and studied his creations for Atelier CologneVanille Insensée, Orange Sanguine, Ambre Nue, and his latest masterpiece, Sous Le toit de Paris. She then created a menu influenced by the fragrances, and together, as guests sniffed and tasted, chef and perfumer gave an analysis of the creative process (the ‘Method’) and the delicious result (the ‘Madness)’.

The Prosecco flowed, and special bespoke cocktails with fragrance notes were proffered, as guests continued the celebration at the Atelier Cologne shop across the street for sniffing, playing and one-on+one conversations with chef Tessa and Ralf Schwieger. Gifts of monogrammed, personalized Atelier Cologne leather bracelets  and deluxe samples went home with every guest.

The evening was heralded as a landmark event – the first collaboration of the three dynamic factions coming together to represent passion, smell, and taste.

screen-capture-111 Photos by Madge DeAngelo

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