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3 Ways to Apply Your Foundation Better: Guest Blogger

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We’re a tiny bit in love with Shyema Azam’s blog, Beauty and the Feast. The freelance editor and writer—who’s worked for publications like Marie Claire, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar—writes about her everyday discoveries in the food and beauty world, often accompanying her posts with envy-inducing photos. Stay tuned all week for Shyema’s insider advice!  took me a long time to start using liquid foundation. I was always afraid of ending up with a cakey-looking face, but many of the newer and better foundation formulas give a “you, only better” finish. The most important, and often hardest,  part of looking your best when using color is the application. Here are three ways that I apply my foundation to ensure a flawless finish:1. The BeautyBlender Sponge: I’ve sung my praises about this magical sponge on my blog, but this is also an absolute staple for makeup artists on the go and at Fashion Week. Wet the sponge first and dip it in your foundation. Then, dab it on your skin for the lightest, air-brush effect. The shape also makes it ideal to get product into even the smallest corners (around the nose and eyes).2. Prescriptives Bronzer Brush: For the longest time, I was using a proper foundation brush but felt like it was picking up too much foundation. This one is meant to lightly pick up bronzer or blush colors, and I found it does the same for foundation. Plus it feels ridiculously soft against the skin. They don’t sell this one anymore but find similar ones at Crown Brush. (Like this one for $9)

3. Your fingers: I was recently backstage at Fashion Week. While at the Edun Show, I asked makeup artist Tom Pecheux for the best way to apply foundation, and he held up his hands. Pecheux said not only is it easy to use your hands, it’s also the most sanitary way to apply makeup since he can just wash his hands afterwards—much simpler than routinely cleaning his makeup brushes in between shows.

How do you like to apply your foundation?

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