Are you feeling your age?

I was in the locker room at the Y the other morning and I heard one of the guys on the senior swim team say, “ I am feeling my age this morning!”

How exactly does age feel?

Well if I look at David Beckham, and we all seem to do that, he had to retire because he was feeling his age. Poor guy. Already at 38. What now? Another tattoo to make up for it?
David Beckham feeling his age
I turned 50 this year and it wasn’t a big deal, it was a HUGE deal! I hated every single minute of it. Until someone posted this on my Facebook page:

The first 50 years was in search of how you want to live…the second 50 is living it!

That pretty much set everything straight for me and I could get on with things. Part of getting on with things is keeping myself in shape which interestingly enough, doesn’t make me feel my age, but makes me feel about 16 again. Except I couldn’t tell you what it felt like at 16 because at 16 the last thing I worried about was how I felt, physically or otherwise. I tell myself this is what a 16 year old must feel like …. at 50.

Scotia Bank 21 km Montreal 2013
Steve, Oliver, Ariane and me at the Scotia Bank 21km

Working out is one thing that I do to make sure I don’t feel my age and I am a complete nut about it. I ran a half marathon in April with Ariane and Karine that work with me at Etiket, Oliver from Motto, (Motto does all of our web and creative) and even one of our customers, Steve. We then did a Spartan Race in May, I am off to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer in two weeks, and the whole group of us are doing the Spartan Beast (21km) in Ottawa in July, and another half marathon in September. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Or am I doing it all to keep myself young? Hmmmmm….

I will tell you a secret; one of my favourite books is Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. For those of you who don’t know it, it is the story of a handsome young man who has his portrait painted, and after that, it is the portrait that ages instead of him. It is of course more complex than that but that is what always stands out. Imagine, your face never changes but always stays the same.
Time for another hmmmmm I think.

Did Oscar Wilde know about Botox and injectable fillers and was just  keeping it a secret?
In a way, is that not what we are able to do to ourselves today?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the day I am due for my Botox and I am practically waiting in the chair to start the injections. Fortunately for me, the good doctor believes that expression is good and that Nicole Kidman needs a new cosmetic doctor so I never come out of there looking like a statue. (And no matter how many times I ask to have lips like Ricky Martins he still says “NO”! ) But the truth of the matter is, and who likes the truth when it is about ourselves, I don’t care so much about feeling my age, I don’t want to look it!

Okay….I said it! You got me! We all have that in us don’t we? I sure hope so because that is what Etiket is all about. How to make ourselves look and feel better about ourselves. We have the best of anti-aging products – try Vivier’s TMR if you don’t want to have those Botox injections but once you try them you do get addicted. Try a little St. Tropez Self Tanning to keep yourself honey bronzed and very very desirable without the damaging effects of the sun. Get some Per-fekt because it is and you will be after using it. And if you are into organic, then Tata Harper has a whole range of products to help you “feel less your age” naturally. And if you want THE number one product to help you keep your youth, then use sunscreen EVERYDAY!

Feeling my age? Maybe! Looking my age? NEVER!

Simon Tooley

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