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The Perfect Mud Mask: GlamGlow Mud Mask

September 23, 2012 by thirtyfourflavours


Tonight is the Emmy’s and this girl is working but last night I had my own lil Emmy’s overhaul at home.  I just sipped tea, watched ‘Wallander’ and popped a GlamGlow Mud Mask on to prep my skin for the week.

My mom taught me from a young age to apply mud masks to soothe my pores and deep clean left over residue from the week.  I have been bouncing from mud masks to herbal masks for years and have yet to find one that did a smash up job.  My aim was to always find a mask that felt like it was ‘working’ whilst on my face as I lounged.

I found my mask in GlamGlow Mud Mask.  It is an exfoliant mud mask made with volcanic rock, French sea clay and green tea leaf pieces originally designed for Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries for camera-ready soft glowing skin.  If you check out GlamGlow Mud Mask’s twitter page you will find pictures from celebs like Miley Cyrus to Nina Dobrev rocking this mask bringing perfection like results.

When I applied the mask last night it was smooth and thick.  After the first application to my forehead I could feel a tingling while the gorgeous green tea leaves and earthy aroma immediately relaxed me.  I wish I could have smeared it all over my whole body.  Imagine having this done in a spa ladies?  It would put you back some major coin.

The mud when dried is easy to wipe off using a face cloth.  My skin felt illuminated, smooth, soft, exfoliated, brightened and moisturized once I removed the mask.  The only tricky thing is grabbing all the lil green tea leaves before they go down the drain.  Small price to pay for a deluxe spa like experience in your own home.

I would encourage you to have a spa night with your girls or even apply this mask before heading off for Thanksgiving and even Christmas parties.

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Etiket is a luxury retail and on-line destination providing the best in cosmeceuticals, skincare and beauty products as well as exclusive perfumes and accessories. At our boutique we also offer a range of esthetic services.

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