5 Tips To Help You Prevent Fall Acne Breakouts


Did you know that acne breakouts are more common in the Fall than any other season? Although our skin may produce more oil in the warm summer months, it is in the fall that we accumulate more dead skin cell buildup due to cooler temperatures. The skin is still producing oil during this transition time, and so it gets trapped beneath the skin along with bacteria, and pores can become clogged leading to more breakouts than usual. Staying ahead of the game by taking preventative measures will ensure that you steer clear of acne breakouts this fall. Some of the products that you are using now, may not be suitable for the fall season.

Here are five tips to help you prevent fall acne breakouts:

1. Avoid over drying cleansers: Cleansers that strip skin of moisture can cause skin to become dehydrated, which in turn stimulates more oil production to help compensate from water loss. The more oil your skin produces, the more likely you are to breed more bacteria which can lead to breakouts. Avoid using toners with alcohol as well as foaming cleansers, which usually contain sulfates. The general rule of thumb is: cleansers that produce more lather are more drying for your skin. We recommend: SkinTx Acne Wash
Vivier: Medicated Wash This broad-spectrum antimicrobial acne wash is an all-in-one cleanser and toner that deep cleans pores to remove surface impurities such as dirt, oil and bacteria while helping prevent new acne pimples.

2. Keep skin moisturized with an oil-free lotion: An oil-free lotion hydrates the skin without adding any extra oil and maintains a healthy balance of water and oil. Be sure to moisturize morning and night – immediately after cleansing when skin is still damp. We recommend:Alyria Moisturizing Lotion Oil Free Alyria: Oil Free Hydrating Lotion This non-irritating lotion is formulated with Aquarize IS which helps to reinforces skin’s barrier to significantly increases skin hydration. AQUAPHYLINE, derived from wild pansy, increases skin’s epidermal water binding capacity by augmenting hyaluronic acid in the epidermis which increases skin’s moisture retention. Amazonian White Clay is a natural product that is rich in minerals and absorbs excess oil from the surface of the skin without drying it.

3. Look for products containing Salicylic Acid: Unlike some other active ingredients in acne products, the main benefit of Salicylic Acid is that it does not dry out the skin. It’s also antibacterial and exfoliating which can help to smooth the skin and make it more clear. We recommend:Blemish + Age from SkinCeuticals SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Solution Key Ingredients: Capryloyl salicylic acid –With a lipid structure similar to that of human skin, this form of salicylic acid helps to precisely exfoliate the skin and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Salicylic acid – This beta-hydroxy acid is highly effective at helping to clear cellular debris from the pores as it accelerates skin-cell turnover.

I do not know to what extent you’ve already tried it. I had late acne, deep, bad and very inflammatory. And then I tried BHA acid. Since I take it, my late acne is almost gone and there is nothing on my face anymore. I thought that there was no answer to my real question. I was wrong,

4. Protect your skin with an oil free non comedogenic sunscreen: Some people believe that sun exposure can clear up acne since it dries out oil and tanned skin can help camouflage discolouration. However, the opposite is true. Remember, dehydrated skin only produces more oil and tanned skin is damaged skin, which can cause breakouts to be worse later on. Don’t be afraid that wearing sunscreen will increase breakouts. Formulations have come a long way! Be sure to select a sunscreen especially formulated for acne prone skin.

5. Get regular facials: Acne-prone skin with breakouts, blackheads and clogged pores need regular facials. How often? That depends on your skin and advice from your skin care specialist. He or she can assess the condition of your skin and help you design a skin care regimen that includes treatments and at-home-care. As you skin improves, you will likely need less frequent visits. We recommend: The Clean Skin Facial by SkinCeuticals Acne Facial at EtiketThis treatment is perfect for anyone with congested pores and acne prone skin including teenagers. The combination of products helps to reduce oil without drying and gives the skin the hydration it needs.

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