Would I Bathe in it, Atelier Cologne Grand Néroli

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When Atelier Cologne appeared in the Perfume Land in 2010 it quickly got in the center of attention. Their innovative concept of creating cologne absolues – fragrances based on the traditional and classy citrus cologne with different ingredients blended into the composition with a concentration level of 15% or more (which actually makes them eau de parfums). This strategy was a real key to success! The scents are so well and wisely done that they’re almost impossible to dislike. One of my earliest favorites from Atelier Cologneis a neroli-centered Grand Neroli. This invigorating and happy fragrance should be use with abandon, I would bathe in it, seriously!

One more thing next to Atelier Cologne fragrances that I really fancy is the ad-copy, the short story the brand creates for each Cologne Absolue. Here’s the one that accompanies Grand Neroli:


On my skin Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli opens with an uplifting and sheer smell of neroli. It has that beautiful and soft, delicate texture. It’s like the smell of white flower petals the moment the Sun awakes in the morning to announce the beginning of a new day. The ground is still cold and everything is covered with dew drops. That’s the refreshing feel I get from the first waft of this scent.

Very shortly the Cologne Absolue develops a green and aromatic smell of orange leaves – petitgrain gives a crispy feeling to the scent with its rustling foliage. This aromatic and truly mediterranean note brings a smile to my face. At the very start of Grand Neroli there’s also a bright smell of citrus which immediately disappears – it returns after ten minutes. Combined bergamots and lemons come back with a juicy and slightly sweet, slightly sour smell, not as bright as in the opening though.


After around 25 minutes, when the entire smell of citrus and almost whole neroli dissipate, Grand Neroli takes a turn and starts to walk the woody path. Woods in this particular perfume composition are very light, both in intensity and color. They’re rather smooth, like a drift wood rounded by the waves of the ocean. There’s a great twist to this fragrance in the form of oakmoss.

One doesn’t often find oakmoss in neroli-centered perfume. Here, it fits in perfectly bringing the raw and a little bit rough feeling of the forest and shrub. Galbanum adds density to Grand Neroliand it also make the oakmoss really stand out for a while in the composition. I might not be a great fan of this resin but I found this Atelier Cologne perfume to be a hit for me, no matter what’s inside of it.

Woodsy feeling is continued for a little while longer with a birch leaf. While I was testing this fragrance the woody stage lasted on my skin for around 45 minutes to 1 hour, quite long, don’t you think? When it reaches its drydown, which happens at the moment of 2 – 2,5 hours on my skin the scent mellows. It becomes much softer and it quiets down. It also warms up.

Now cosy and soft musk hovers just few centimeters above my body, embracing with an invisible veil. White amber brings more sensuality and makes me feel very comfortable with Grand Neroli. A hint of vanilla sweetness tops the composition, leaving me in a fragrant heaven. To be honest with you, this Atelier Cologne scent is a dream. It’s unpretentious, complex enough to draw attention but not too complex to twist your brain or make you tired. It feels perfect wearing this Cologne Absolue.

To me Grand Neroli is a great choice for summer. You can spray it in the morning and then go to the beach, go sightseeing. You can also wear it to a party in the summer club. It’s concentrated at 15% and it’s rather light. Its sillage isn’t very big and longevity is around 4-5 hours. Don’t be afraid, be generous to yourself and spray a lot of it. It’s sheer and transparent veil is also perfect for re-applying during a day. A spritz here and there will make you feel refreshed and with more energy.

Grand Neroli, created for Atelier Cologne by Cecile Krakower was launched in 2010. It’s available in many different sizes and options. You can have it in 200ml and 100ml bottles, as a 30ml petit flacon, as a 7,5ml travel spray (available only in voyage set with 6 other Cologne Absolues). To pamper your body you can purchase a soap scented with Grand Neroli or you can introduce this great fragrance to your house with a candle. Samples and sample sets are also available on-site.

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