Why not make your hair YOUNG AGAIN with Kevin Murphy ?

We always think of our face and body when we think of aging but we can’t forget about our hair. We chose to have Kevin Murphy at Etiket because Kevin treats hair like our skin care brands. If you have dry or damaged hair there is a solution the same way there is if you have dry or damaged skin. One product that we love from the Kevin Murphy range is YOUNG.AGAIN; developed as an anti-aging treatment for hair with Immortelle infused treatment oil.


Immortelle is a flower from the island of Corsica, and is very high in anti-oxidants. It was thought that Ulysses went to the island of Corsica and anointed himself with the oil of Immortelle and became a demi-god. About 15 years ago French aromatherapists started experimenting with Immortelle and found that it was right up there with anti-oxidants like rose, myrtle, and frankincense.
One of the other main ingredients is bur oil which is for strength, body, and shine. There is also safflower seed extract, which is good as a natural sun screen and also as a conditioning agent for the hair. Then you have camellia extract which is a natural lubricant and conditioning agent. As well there is sugar cane extract that gently exfoliates the surface of the hair and exposes the fresh clean cells.

Why not indulge yourself with intensely conditioned smooth, soft hair by applying YOUNG.AGAIN after washing your hair? Apply daily to infuse hair with shine and protection from heat and the environment.

How to use
You apply YOUNG.AGAIN to freshly washed hair and before any styling products are used. Once dried you can apply a small amount to dry hair to further smooth the hair and remove any fly-aways.

Features & benefits
Weightless and nutrient rich. Regain elasticity and infuse hair with shine.

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