The Waste of Daylight

Daylight SavingsHere we are about to turn our clocks forward as we do each year, March 10th, 2013 to be exact. For most of us it is a much-anticipated day. Well maybe we are exaggerating but we know that when we ‘Spring Forward’ that the end to our long Canadian winter is in sight. Most of us don’t know that this whole procedure dates back to the late 1800’s when it was proposed to allow for more time to work in the daylight hours and then finally used during World War I to help conserve coal during wartime. Winston Churchill was quoted as saying that it enlarges “the opportunities for the pursuit of health and happiness”. We just know that we all seem to feel better with that extra hour of light at the end of the day, our spirits seem lighter and everything just seems a little easier.

The question is: what are we all doing with that extra hour?

At Etiket we have been busy!
We are doing a little spring-cleaning ourselves and have found some space for some new and exciting brands. Two of these are now in store: ARQUISTE Parfumeur and Recipe for Men.

ARQUISTE Parfumeur by Carlos Huber

ARQUISTE Parfumeur at Etiket

As we set out to become THE perfume destination in Montreal and on-line, we are carefully choosing the fragrances that we are adding at the store. We now have Atelier Cologne, Penhaligon’s, L’Artisan Parfumeur and ARQUISTE. Of course we know it will take more than this and we have more new and exciting offerings planned for the coming months.

We met Carlos Huber the creator behind ARQUISTE when we were in New York in January at the Elements Showcase. We fell in love with the perfume, the packaging and with Carlos. Launched in 2011, ARQUISTE Parfumeur is one of the newest “concept niche” lines that sets itself apart from the rest by assigning history, meaning and emotion to scent (Read more about ARQUISTE in “ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Recreating a Moment Through Scent“).

“A scent can bring on a flood of powerful and emotional memories at any given moment. I have taken the wearer back into history and yet each moment in history that I have captured with ARQUISTE has relevance in our lives today,” said Carlos Huber, creator of ARQUISTE Parfumeur.

We hope that if you are in Montreal you will come into the store to experience ARQUISTE Parfumeur. If you are not able to come and would like a complete sample set to see why we are so excited, please send us your name and complete address to and it would be our pleasure to send you a set. (This offer is valid in Canada only while quantities last.)

Recipe for Men

Recipe for Men Skin Care at Etiket

Although men may use all of the skin care lines that we carry at Etiket, we know that men do have some special needs. We already carry PCA for Men and we were excited when we found Recipe for Men. Created in Sweden, there are “real guys” behind these products that understand the needs of men that live in an environment not dissimilar to ours. These are products designed with men in mind; from the packaging to the ingredients.

Recipe for Men is pure hydration and energy for the skin. The formulations are based on the best quality natural ingredients available in the world and the actives are carefully selected to fit men’s needs.

Conceptually Recipe for Men stands for logical skincare and no fuss. We won’t tell you the products will “reduce wrinkles by 70 percent” or give a career a giant boost. We will tell you, however, that Recipe for Men will make a man’s skin look and feel much fresher and smoother, no matter how tough a life they live. And that’s what great skincare products are supposed to do.

Recipe for Men has always believed proper skincare is part of an overall healthy and active lifestyle. These products were created to solve specific problems that many men face with their skin. Whether they have a shiny forehead, patchy dry skin, dullness, or dark under eye circles, and that is why we know they have a place at Etiket where results-oriented skin care is our motto.

About Etiket

Etiket is a luxury retail and on-line destination providing the best in cosmeceuticals, skincare and beauty products as well as exclusive perfumes and accessories. At our boutique we also offer a range of esthetic services.

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