The Etiquette of Etiket: House Guest Thank You Note

On Social Graces:

Q: What is proper thank-you note etiquette from house guests after they’ve departed and returned to their own homes? Should one expect a thank-you note via snail mail, or are profuse verbal thanks previously rendered in the driveway sufficient? Does the nature of the house guests make any difference (i.e., close family members vs. friends)? Does the duration of their visit make any difference?

A: Overnight visits (of one night or many) require written thank you notes within a day or two of your return home. The only exceptions are when your hosts are relatives or close friends with whom you visit back and forth frequently or whose vacation home you visit often. Even then a call made the next day to say something like, “We’re still talking about what a fun weekend we had with you!” is appreciated and really should be made.

From Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily.

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