The Etiquette of Etiket: Should I Bring a Gift to a Dinner Party?

On Social Graces:

Q: Should I send a gift to the host of a dinner party?













A: If attending a party in a private home it is always nice to bring a gift. After all, they have spent the time and effort to throw the party, cook the dinner or just baked some cookies!

Of course there are the usual options: Bring a bottle of wine or send flowers but that seems like such an easy way out. In fact, the bottle of wine, if you do bring one, should not be consumed that night; it is a gift after all.
When it come to flowers, it is appropriate to send flowers to the host’s home earlier in the day but what if they have already ordered all of the flowers they need? Your taste is tropical and they are all about roses. You like pink and they like blue carnations?

At Etiket we think there are a few more options that will make your gift remembered and never re-gifted. (Of course we would never do that!)

What about bringing his and her soaps? (Or his and his or hers and hers!)








Who doesn’t love a candle?











If you know they love to take bathes, why not give them a beautiful body cream for after?










They love to cook? Hand soap and a hand cream.






We love flowers too but why not try something different next time you are the guest. The only problem is, you may get asked back sooner than you think!

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