Well Hello Tata… it’s so nice to have you back where you belong!

Don’t ask me why I think we should be coming up with a new version of Hello Dolly for Tata Harper’s next visit to Etiket on Friday, October 18th but somehow it seems appropriate. Maybe we don’t need Louis Armstrong and Walter Matthau but I could see closing off Sherbrooke Street and having a marching band to welcome her for sure!

I first met Tata last year when she came to launch her skin care line with us and I must admit I was quite taken with her and impressed with her knowledge and passion for what she does. Yes she has created a 100% natural, organic and non-toxic anti-aging skin care line but there is more to it than that. Tata cares. It is so important to Tata what goes in and on our bodies and that is why she is coming back to see us again.  She wants to be able to teach us, answer questions and show us why she believes so strongly in her products.

Tata has a new SUPERNATURAL Collection that she is launching and I am excited because we are the first in Canada to have it. There are three products that are all derived from her best-selling Rejuvenating Serum and each one is specifically targeted.

The three products that make up the SUPERNATURAL Collection are:

  • boosted_400x600The Boosted Contour Serum which has 35 active ingredients and is for firming, lifting and toning. It will help to deal with sagging skin, slack jaw line or droopy lids. We have had this product for a month now and have had great comments from clients that have started to use it.
  • concentratedbrighteningserumweb_1The Concentrated Brightening Serum has 35 actives and will brighten and balance without any chemical bleaches. It will help to reduce dark spots and melanin.  (We are receiving this product for the event – if you would like to reserve one, please e-mail us at info@etiket.ca)
  • elixirvitaeweb_1The Ultimate Wrinkle Solution is the Elixir Vitae that has 38 active ingredients to help volumize and relax and is an all-natural alternative to injections. It will help with deep wrinkles, loss of volume and softening expression lines. (We are receiving this product for the event – if you would like to reserve one, please e-mail us at info@etiket.ca)

The ingredients used in each of the serums have been researched and tested and studied to be the best natural active ingredients for anti-aging skin care. Tata would never put her name on a product that doesn’t do what she said it would and that is why I love having her products in the store.

If you are available next Friday, October 18th between 1 PM and 3 PM please come and meet Tata Harper – she is a fascinating woman that I guarantee will make you think differently about skin care. To RSVP for the event – please call us at 514.687-3886 or e-mail us at info@etiket.ca.

Simon Tooley

If you would like to shop our Tata Harper products, click here.


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