All roads led to SILVERA Profumi D’Autore

It seems it is often by chance that we happen upon the most wonderful discoveries. There we were in Rome for a few days on a beautiful Sunday morning with no plans and no itinerary. We were up late because of the jet lag and after a second cappuccino we headed out to explore Rome.  As we made our way across town to Plaza Navrona we passed by the Tomb of Hadrian and happened upon the Museo dell’Ara Pacis. We stopped in to see the building and the alter and after an audio tour that taught us all about Augustus and the subsequent history of the site and the beginnings of Rome, we continued on our way.

SILVERA Profumi D’Autore

Now we could have easily gone down the “other” street but instead decided to continue down Via di Ripetta, walking leisurely down the street, taking in the buildings, peaking in the windows when we saw a small shop filled with perfume bottles. Not uncommon to find Profumeria all around Rome, this was different; a beautiful carved wooden door with symmetrical windows on either side with bottles of perfume perfectly displayed. I didn’t know the brands in the first window, but in the second one I saw our latest edition at Etiket, Eau d’Italie. I don’t know why, but I hesitated before we decided to head inside to Silvera Profumi D’Autore but I did.

Massimiliano and Eduardo - SILVERA Profumi D’Autore
Massimiliano and Eduardo – SILVERA Profumi D’Autore

Of course there was no reason to hesitate as Massimiliano and Eduardo, the owners of the boutique, warmly greeted us. We told them we had a perfume store in Montreal and they proceeded to give us the full tour. Thankfully my partner speaks fluent Italian and through his translations and my college level Italian we were introduced to some beautiful new fragrances. I don’t think there is anything more wonderful than someone passionate about what they do and both Massimiliano and Eduardo have a passion and knowledge of fragrance that I was just a little envious of. We tried different scents from Laboratorio Olfattivo and Peccato Originale and then saw our favourite Olfactive Studio, the newest scent Ombre Indigo has already launched in Europe and we will have it this fall. They shared stories of different fragrances that they loved and then with hesitation, this time to leave, we continued on our journey to explore Rome.

Laboratorio Olfattivo
Laboratorio Olfattivo

If you are in Rome, do drop in to Silvera Profumi D’Autore and let Massimiliano and Eduardo take you on an olfactive journey through some of the most prestigious Italian perfume houses with some beautiful discoveries. If you only learn one word before you go into their boutique let it be BELLISSIMO!

Simon Tooley

SILVERA Profumi D’Autore
Via di Ripetta, 122
347 9641348
Find them on FaceBook at silvera.profumi

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