At Etiket, the beginning of a new year is exemplified by the word RENEWAL. It may feel like spring is a long way off, but the days are getting longer and the snow will melt eventually even if it doesn’t seem like it will ever go!
At this time of year we feel the need to look after ourselves. Is it just the excesses of the holidays or new commitments that we have made to ourselves? It doesn’t really matter, what matters is what we do to help ourselves to reach our goals. We have identified six areas that we think will help you along the path of RENEWAL for the months to come.

1. Results Oriented Skin Care. We pride ourselves on having products that produce results. When we have the chance to spend time with you to understand your skin care goals, we are able to suggest the right products for you based on your lifestyle, your budget and any special skin condition that you may have: acne prone skin, rosacea, brown spots, etc. One of the most important parts to any skin care regimen is consistency. If you want to see results you need to adhere to the protocols we give you. With consistency and patience; four to six weeks is needed to start to see results, you will be on your way to the renewal you are looking for.

2. Progressive Skin Wellness. Our clients are beginning to realize that good skin care is not just a once-in-awhile pampering experience; it is a lifestyle choice. More and more, we are seeing people who want to invest in the health of their skin and well being by becoming loyal skin care treatment clients and working with us to establish a treatment regimen. This regimen may be too help with a specific skin condition or to simply maintain healthy and younger looking skin. Treatments need to be part of a complete wellness lifestyle; we need to remember to look at a whole spectrum of healthy living, including emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, occupational and social wellness.
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3. Going Natural. A big trend that is continuing into 2013 is a move towards all natural and organic food and skin care products. Think back ten years, can you remember 100% natural or organic products so easily available? Today we find organic and natural products including food, clothing, makeup and skin care almost everywhere. We must remember that going all natural is a lifestyle choice and products that are not all natural or organic do not make them bad or dangerous. All of our skin care, hair care, and make-up brands are chosen after researching the companies producing them to ensure that the ingredients used are safe.
Today there is a vast array of skincare products available. Where do we begin? We have done the work to find products that will make a difference and show results for any skin type.
Our natural brands: Tata Harper Skin Care, Rahua, Goa par Rodrigo Diaz, GloMinerals

4. Pedicures With A Purpose. We often forget about our poor old feet, but problems with our feet can be as bad as a toothache! Proper foot care should be an important part of your daily health care routine and is essential for healthy, pain-free feet. Gone are the days of a simple shape and polish. It has become apparent that pedicures now require more education and training than originally thought. So many problems in the body start with poor foot health and it is crazy that a part of our body that we use every day gets such little care and attention.
We offer our Etiket Foot Treatment using award winning Margaret Dabbs products and her treatment protocol that combines foot health with a beauty treatment. A podiatrist by trade, Margaret has perfected products and treatment protocols that have won her the title in London as the Queen of Feet.
From technique to products, our supreme foot care treatment makes sure your feet remain healthy and beautiful and enable you to maximize your day-to-day activities. For ongoing foot health maintenance, we recommend a foot treatment every 6-8 weeks.

Etiket Foot Care Treatment {$95}
With 26 bones and 3,000 nerve endings in our feet, there’s an awful lot going on down there, and if your feet hurt, life can be miserable! We have developed a supreme foot care treatment to make sure your feet remain healthy and beautiful and enable you to maximize your day to day activities. (Please note, we do not apply polish). 60 minutes

5. The Power of Fragrance Each of us is attracted to different smells. When we shop for fragrances we want something that appeals to us, takes us somewhere, or makes us feel a certain way. When we burn a candle, we want to fill our homes with a fragrance that soothes or enlivens us depending on our mood. Scents can bring back memories of events, people, or periods of time and are more powerful than we think or give them credit for. Our favorite fragrances should be part of our daily lives and not an afterthought or a response to an ad we see in a magazine.
At Etiket, we feel that choosing the right fragrance is more than a luxury, it something you deserve. It isn’t about a quick sniff, it is about letting us take the time with you to understand what you like in a fragrance (citrus or woodsy, floral or musky for example) and then guiding you through the story that is behind a fragrance, to give you the time to choose what will be right for you.

6. The Natural Power of Mineral Make-Up. Beautiful makeup starts with healthy skin. Keeping this in mind, more and more women are making a switch to mineral makeup. Why? Because it is good for your skin.
Mineral makeup is made from pure minerals that are naturally occurring in the earth. The health benefits of mineral makeup are many and unquestionable. The minerals contained in this makeup act as a natural sunscreen thanks to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The ingredients are non-cosmedogenic and you are less likely to suffer any skin conditions as mineral makeup is natural and without artificial colour, talc, additives, or chemical synthetics. Finally, your skin will also benefit from soothing properties of minerals that can heal inflamed and irritated skin. Our mineral makeup line is GloMinerals.
We offer individual courses on make-up application to learn how to apply mineral make-up correctly.

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Etiket is a luxury retail and on-line destination providing the best in cosmeceuticals, skincare and beauty products as well as exclusive perfumes and accessories. At our boutique we also offer a range of esthetic services.

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