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screen-capture-365We are excited to have had Recipe for Men at Etiket for just over a year now. Not only do we love this Swedish skin care brand, but our clients have fallen in love with it as well. Developed under the harsh winter conditions of Scandinavia by Mikael Snabb, Jesper Matsch, and Jesper Rönnbäck (a member of the Swedish National Freestyle Ski Team, World Cup Winner, and Olympian), we know that these men understand our cold winters and hot summers and that is why these products work so perfectly!

Each product in this no-fuss skin care line brings together high concentrations of active ingredients, and a streamlined regimen to create a solution-based line of products to treat men’s specific skin care needs – shiny forehead, dry skin, dullness, dark under eye circles and more.

We are happy to share that Recipe for Men has just launched their new Ultra Clean Shower Gel and Super Smooth Body Cream! We love the clean smell of the shower gel and the body cream is perfect for this time of year when skin is particularly dry due to extreme cold temperatures outside and the drying heat inside.

Discover all the Recipe for Men products here!

Watch the video below to learn more about Recipe for Men!

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