Recipe For Men: Logical Skin Care with No Fuss

url-1It all started on the slopes in Sweden. Three avid skiers met, became friends, and dreamed up the idea of a Swedish skin care line for men as a solution to their dry, sun damaged skin. This idea eventually became a reality and was developed and tested under Sweden’s harshest winter conditions.

Recipe For Men is a skin care line based on the science of men’s skin and contain the best quality ingredients and actives, carefully selected to fit those needs. Oil-free formulas guarantee quick absorption and ultimate hydration with minimum shine. Innovative, functional packaging and highly descriptive names make these products easy to understand and use.

Cleanse & Shave














Eye Treatments














At Etiket, we constantly strive to bring you the best in skin care for both men and women. Skin is skin, and so we address the importance of quality skin care to everyone! Of course, we also recognize that men’s skin is slightly thicker than women’s skin, and men have a few different skincare needs.  The addition of Recipe for Men to our selective roaster of skin care options will allow us to continue to help men create a skin care routine that fits their skin and their lifestyle.

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Etiket is a luxury retail and on-line destination providing the best in cosmeceuticals, skincare and beauty products as well as exclusive perfumes and accessories. At our boutique we also offer a range of esthetic services.

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