Plane Travel Sun Protection

Do you have a skin care routine that you follow when you travel by plane?
From dry skin to puffy under eyes, we usually end up arriving at our destination with tired, dull looking skin, anything but glowing. But, do you take into consideration other side effects of air travel such as sun damage?

It’s true. While you may feel protected from harmful UV rays when you are inside an airplane, the reality is that the altitude that planes fly at enter a much thinner ozone layer, and therefore radiation exposure dramatically increases.  As we increase in elevation, the intensity of the ultraviolet rays are more intense as there is less distance for them to attenuate and weaken as they come down to sea level.

You might think “Well, I’m inside the plane, so I am safe from the sun.” This is not the case. Harmful UVA rays that cause melanoma and  premature aging of the skin pass through the window of the plane.

Not to fear, there are ways to protect yourself. Wear an SPF of at least 30 when you fly. We recommend any of  EltaMD’s extensive line of high quality sun care products.
Here’s a tip: Be sure to put the window shade down to block out the damaging rays of the sun.

Happy travels!

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