Perfume Atomizer: Travel With Your Favourite Fragrance

I never leave the house without a few spritzes of my favourite fragrance! For me it would be like stepping out the door without shoes! It’s an absolutely necessary fragrant accessory that puts me in a good mood all day.

And so naturally, even when I leave the house or travel, my favourite fragrances must come along with me! There are a few options available to transport your liquid gold in travel friendly sized capsules, however my favourite solution by far is a travel atomizer. Small enough to fit in my pocket or clutch, this pump-spray vial can hold enough fragrance to last me two to three weeks on the road (50-60 sprays). Most importantly, it’s easy to use, doesn’t leak and  is easily re-fillable. Also, because an atomizer yields a slightly different effect to perfume sprayed straight from the bottle, which is usually a heavily concentrated squirt, the atomizer pumps out a lighter, and finer cloud of fragrance that clings to you more expansively for a little bit longer.

Penhaligon’s Travel Atomizer: An essential perfume accessory, this handy 4ml travel atomizer makes it possible to take your favourite perfume with you, wherever you go. Simply fill directly from your fragrance bottle in seconds! Includes instructions for filling.

How it Works:

1. Remove the spray nozzle from your perfume bottle.

2. Place your atomizer on the stem and pump to fill with fragrance.

3. Watch the vial fill up through the glass window and stop pumping when almost full.


If you love your perfume as much as I do, then you may probably need more than one atomizer. I certainly do!

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor

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