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Set The Scene with natural home scents: Any room or any occasion transforms when it is styled with scent. Create an inviting atmosphere with the fragrant glow of our exquisite candles. Decorate with a diffuser that elegantly and continuously scents the space. Mist the air with a burst of our enticing room sprays. Keep it light and lusciously bright or spice things up or take the mood deeper. Shop now and indulge your senses.



LUCIA Pomegranate & Redcurrant Organic Soy Candle: This candle is blended with pure essential oils and natural 100% organic Soy. Burning cleanly for over 50 hours all Lucia candles are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to existing petroleum based paraffin candles. The organic Soya is sourced from farming collectives all over the world encouraging fair-trade communities.


L’Artisan Parfumeur Winter Candle: Imagine being by a burning fireplace, safely tucked-up inside, when all outside is cold and dark. The winter season is often a time for reunions with those you love, moments filled with emotion. So, the ingredients of this candle were chosen with great care: clary sage, married with notes of pine and fir tree from around Grasse, to create this warm and welcoming wintry scene.

Penhaligon’s Earl Grey Tea Candle: An enigmatic and creamy brew. Golden fruits, rich rose and smooth sherry wrapped in the lightest veil of smoke and citrus. This decadent candle burns for up to 110 hours and is housed in beautifully opalescent glass.


LUCIA Pomegranate & Redcurrant Room SpraySurround yourself in the warm glow of this highly fresh and clean aromatic blend of pomegranate and redcurrant. Spray this wonderfully fresh fragrance in the air of your favourite room to create an ambience that your guests will find refreshing and inviting. You can also safely use this room mist to lightly scent your favourite and delicate linens, fabrics, cushions, pillows, etc.

LUCIA Laurel Leaf & Olive Reed Diffuser: An original and creative way to diffuse your favourite Lucia fragrance throughout your home, office or any room that requires aromatic embellishment. Place on a table, desk or counter as you would a vase of freshly cut flowers. All Lucia fragrances are created with natural 100% Pure Essential Oils.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Amber Ball:  The finely carved terracotta Amber Balls by L’Artisan Parfumeur are unique objects. Handcrafted by mother and daughter artisans in the historic French department of L’Oise. Hidden in the heart of each Amber Ball is a solid version of the warm, golden amber scent. Intense and exotic, the scent is carried by currents of air and magnified by heat in the room. It will radiate through rooms over a long period of time, trailing the mysteries of the orient into your dreams.


Rue de Marli Precious Wood No. 27 Scented Candle: Made from natural pure soy wax and a unique blend of organic pure essential oils of pine, italian cypress and red sandalwood. slow burning and longlasting, this candle has a 100% organic cotton wick providing hours of enjoyment for you and your guests. Soy wax is an environmentally safe alternative to petroleum based wax and encourages agro-culture.

Rue de Marli Precious Wood No. 27 Room Spray: Experience the calm of the forest with this ultra fragrant and long lasting roomspray blended with organic essential oils of pine, italian cypress and red sandalwood. you can also safely use this room mist to lightly scent your favourite and delicate linens, fabrics, cushions, pillows, etc. Enjoy hours of aromatic pleasure with each spray.

Rue de Marli Precious Wood No. 27 Bath Salts: These authentic bath salts are naturally sun-dried and offer oxygenation benefits the same as bathing in a sea loaded with minerals, cleansing and re-mineralizing your skin. Enriched with organic pure essential oils, they will leave your skin soft and healthy.

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