A Look Inside Ramón Monegal Perfumes in Barcelona

screen-capture-987Last week I took a four day trip out to Barcelona, one of my favourite cities in Europe, for many reasons – gorgeous weather, incredible food, the beach, the mountains… I could go on and on. Of course, I always like to enjoy a little shopping when in the Catalan capital, and since we recently added a new line to our fragrance collection from Barcelona – Ramón Monegal Perfumes, I had to make a visit to the flagship store.
Francisco Gratacós, Managing Director, was kind enough to set up an appointment for me to visit with store manager Angels who invited me to explore the store, Ramón Monegal’s workshop and sniff as many fragrances as I liked. Heaven!

Take a look inside Ramón Monegal Perfumes in Barcelona:

Ramón Monegal Perfumes: Carrer de Calvet, 3, 08021 Barcelona, Spain


The collection currently consists of fourteen unisex perfumes which can be combined to create unique bespoke fragrances.
Ramón Monegal designed the interior of boutique himself, another passion of his. His goal was to create a special space for his perfumes where people could choose in a comfortable place suitable for discovering fragrances – a place where one is not distracted by other senses, noise and light.
Attention to detail.
Dry Wood is one of my favourites! Notes: Heart of cedrat, Cedar Bark, Bay Leaf, Pepper, Green Moss, Savory, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Cashmeran, Norlimbanol
Of course, I also discovered a new favourite: Cherry Musk. Fruity and gorgeous! Notes: White Musk, Fruit Musk, Muscenone, Cherry accord, Strawberry, Tree Moss and Chinese Rose.
Ramón Monegal Home Fragrance Collection
Did you know that not only is Ramón Monegal an author of perfumes, but also an author of books? La Pefumista is a story of a woman who is so fascinated by the world of perfume that she gives up her perfect life to pursue her olfactive dreams.


Ramón Monegal’s workshop at Carrer Calvet, 3 in Barcelona
I was treated to some beautiful samples. Stay tuned! A review or two will follow shortly…

There are so many reasons to travel to Barcelona, but visiting the Ramón Monegal flagship store sure is among the most fragrant! However, if a trip to Spain is not in your near future plans, you can discover Ramón Monegal perfumes at Etiket! Want to sample a fragrance or two? At Etiket we now offers samples of all fragrances that we carry including complimentary shipping to anywhere in Canada!

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  1. I had no idea that Ramon Monegal line also offered 15ml and 100ml bottle sizes. I thought the only one is a 50ml inkwell bottle.

    1. Same here — I love the 15 ml option! Great post, by the way. His boutique is so warm and alluring. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to visit Spain 😉

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