Kevin Murphy is now at Etiket!

It’s funny because Kevin Murphy was one of the first brands I though of bringing into the store. I first saw it at Dru where I get my hair cut and loved the packaging and loved the product – Night Rider was my favourite and still is. I actually took a photo of it to show Scott Yetman who designed the store because I liked the look of the packaging and the colours so Kevin Murphy at Etiketmuch. But as we started to develop the concept for Etiket we concentrated on the skincare and perfume. After a few months of being open we were approached to carry Rahua, natural hair care, and we have had an amazing response to it – the Jet Setter Kit is one of our top sellers!

Then back in the spring I had a call saying that there was a sales person in the store who wanted to show me hair care products. I groaned and thought, “Why do sales people just drop in without an appointment?” I have learned though that sometimes we find things when we least expect them and told Ariane to ask the person to come upstairs to my office.

I walked out to reception ready to make this a short conversation. Except standing there was a woman who looking like a blond version of Emma Peel from the Avengers. Well it may have just been the boots that did it, but it certainly shows you how important first impressions are. The woman introduced herself as Annie from Kevin Murphy. I could hear my brain going through brands until it clicked: “KEVIN MURPHY! Come in Annie!”

Annie came in to my office and I told her what I just told you and we started to get to know each other and see where both companies were going and if it was a good fit. We had been in business about six months at this point and we had had some brands that didn’t work and so I was much more careful now. And this was hair care, not skin care. But as we talked and I learned who and what Kevin Murphy was all about I saw that it was a perfect fit. Kevin Murphy is a hair care brand designed by a real and respected hair stylist and not just part of a marketing machine. Kevin Murphy treats hair care like skin care:

The products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants.  All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate and paraben free.

What do we know about hair care at Etiket?

Annie Poussant from Kevin Murphy
Annie Poussant from Kevin Murphy

When we started Etiket, our team was trained for ten days on all of the products before we even opened the doors, and we have our suppliers coming back on a monthly basis to review and tell us of new developments for their brands. With Kevin Murphy, we had our first product knowledge today with Annie and then on September 26th we are going for the Kevin Murphy Experience to all learn even more. I bet you can’t wait to see photos of us washing each other’s hair right?

We are excited about this new partnership with Kevin Murphy and hope you will come in to see us and let us give you the Kevin Murphy Experience at Etiket!

~ Simon Tooley

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