GOA par Rodrigo Diaz: Natural Luxury Founded by Passion

Many people ask me how we find the brands that we carry at Etiket. The answer is never the same. Sometimes it is because we are looking for a specific product to fill a certain niche, sometimes it is because in my travels or through the Etiket team we come across a product that one of us likes, and sometimes it seems to happen like it did with GOA par Rodrigo Diaz, with a little magic. In this case we could say the magic of the Maharaja’s.

It was last Thursday and I was leaving for a trip very early Friday and I had a lot to get done when I got a call from Karine in the store saying that there was a salesman down in the store and did I want to see his line. I groaned as I had so much I needed to get done before I left that day but I have learned through the years to be open minded and willing when opportunity presents itself. So I swore a few more times under my breath and I put on a happy face and went down to the store.

There with Karine was a swarthy, handsome, young man with gorgeous boxes of I wasn’t sure what laid out over the cash desk. I tend to get a little cold when salesman just drop in without an appointment and I walked over, introduced myself and said a little gruffly,

“So what is this? Skin Care? Perfume?”
It was hard to tell by the beautiful boxes.
“Body care,” was the answer.
My ears perked up. We had yet to find a body care line. Any of the other brands that had a body component just were not doing it.
“ All natural body care from India.”
Okay, now I was interested.
“Tell me about it then….natural? Organic? Really? Let’s go up to my office.”
Rodrigo came up to my office with Natalie, as Karine had heard the whole story, and we settled in while I kept thinking,
“I don’t have time for this!”
“Alright Rodrigo, tell me your story…..”
And so he did. It is a story of a young and talented fashion designer who ended up in India, fell in love with a Princess and learned the secrets of skin care that the Maharaja’s used. He took all that he learned to develop GOA par Rodrigo Diaz and he made sure that everything was natural and organic.
Yes! Of course there is a longer version and if you join us to meet Rodrigo on Thursday, October 25th from 1 PM to 3 PM in the store you may here it.

Rodrigo Diaz and me

The line includes body, shampoo and a facial cleanser for now. More products will be launched soon.
As we continued to talk, we learned more about what was in and not in the products:

  • Paraben Free
  • Free of Animal origin ingredients and not tested on animals
  • No Genetically modified ingredients
  • No Toxic or harmful ingredients
  • No Synthetic color
  • No Synthetic perfume / fragrance
  • Low emission testing (green manufacturing)
  • No Synthetic emollients
  • No Synthetic oil & fats
  • No Synthetic silicone and Petrolatum-Free ingredients
  • Free of Nitrosamines
  • No Sulfates
  • Certified organic extracts and essential oils

And then we tried them. I am not the best person to try body products, as in general men don’t use them. Maybe a hand cream now and then. We tried and smelled the different products and my office filled with the fragrances of cloves, sweet almonds, lemongrass and honeysuckle and the texture of the creams and lotions did not leave your skin sticky or greasy.
We continued to talk and to learn more about how the products were made in India and the careful regulations that were set and how the factories must respect the recipes and secrets that Rodrigo was given for each product.
This was one of the quickest decisions that I have made in buying a line but sometimes you have to listen to your gut after you have asked all the questions and tried the product.
We are excited to have Rodrigo with us in the store next week to present the INDIA GOLD Collection. If you are here in Montreal, please come in and meet him and experience some of the magic from the Maharaja’s.

Click here for the invitation.

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