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GOA par Rodrigo Diaz is a skin and hair care line inspired by ancient recipes of the Maharajahs of Rajasthan. GOA par Rodrigo Diaz uses exotic extracts and essential oils from India such as such as Witch Hazel, Ajwain, Kokum and Yashdimadhu to form unique serums to treat and stimulate both the body and mind.  These unique compositions of organic extracts fused with vitamins and proteins help to maintain healthy, dry, combination and oily skin and hair types.

The Full Moon Hair Collection was designed to bring balance to the scalp, new energy to the strands and a perfect softness to hair fibres. The collection includes a shampoo, conditioner and exfoliating mud mask and is based on the same principles as skin care:


The foundation of healthy hair lies in a healthy scalp. In order to keep the skin on your scalp healthy, regular exfoliation is key. Just like on your face, shedding dead skin cells is important to increase cell turnover and also helps to reduce product buildup that has accumulated. When the scalp undergoes a cleansing treatment, the follicles of hair are unclogged making it easier to grow strong hair and may help stop hair loss. The result: healthier, younger-looking hair.

GOA par Rodrigo Diaz Full Moon Reconstructing Hair & Body Exfoliating Mud Mask 

A reconstructive exfoliant detox mud mask for both hair and body that smoothes, restores and energizes the skin and scalp. This treatment reduces and restores hair breakage as well as removes excess sebum (oil) from the hair and scalp, purifying the hair.



Your skin isn’t the only part of your body that should be treated with anti-aging ingredients. Dryness, frizz and breakage are all normal age-related hair changes. Luckily, they can be prevented and fixed. We know that incorporating antioxidants into our diet and skin care is beneficial as we age, but it’s also beneficial in our hair care. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to keep hair healthy and strong. Some say that flooding the hair with antioxidants prevents hair loss, since certain ones, like green tea and vitamins, are thought to promote hair growth and prevent the follicle from shrinking. No scientific studies have yet been able to validate the theory.


GOA par Rodrigo Diaz Full Moon Shampoo

Biologically engineered with vitamins, natural oils and herb-derived anti-oxidants, these agents act in synergy to oxygenate, cleanse and nourish your hair and skin. Natural micro acids such as salicylic and cinnamic acid derived from aloe vera act as potent cleansers that biologically target toxins on your hair and skin. These toxin-defying benefits help maintain your skins natural electrical and moisture balance.


GOA par Rodrigo Diaz Full Moon Conditioner

Engineered serums in babassu and jojoba seed oils employ a direct, fast-acting delivery system that penetrates the skin. These rich moisturizing oils contain 50% lauric acid and 20% myristic acid which are powerful conditioning, micro-agents. Antihistamines and antioxidants in aloe vera maintain the skins and hairs restoratives values while hydrolyzed soy and wheat proteins electrochemically retain and balance hair fibre moisture. This brings a new energy and a perfect softness to hair fibres.


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