Get The Perfect Shave With These Seven Tips


Some men may find that shaving can be unpleasant, leading to irritation, sensitivity, small cuts and nicks. Here are seven tips to ensure a safe and perfect shave every time!

1. Prepare Your Hair:  Lifting the hairs on the skin before shaving keeps them from laying flat, and makes it easier for your razor to cut the bristles as close to the skin as possible. Use an exfoliator or scrub before shaving to soften bristles and help lift the hairs.

Penhaligon's bayolea facial scrub

2. Extra Foam Please!  Use a rich and luxurious shaving gel, cream or soap – the richer the cream, the more generous the foam. A quality shaving brush such as those with badger bristles produce the ultimate lather and will help lift the hairs off the skin to provide additional exfoliation and the closest shave possible.

Blenheim bouquet shave cream

3. Reverse Chronology: Apply your shaving cream first to your neck, then the area around your chin/upper lip, and finally to the sides of your face. For the shave, reverse this order as the hairs on the neck and around the mouth tend to be more coarse than the hairs on your cheeks. It is best to allow the tougher hairs to be softened by the shaving cream longer.

nickel shaving brush

4. The Cool Down: Use cold water to rinse foam and hair from your razor. Although it may be less comfortable than using warm water, cold water will help tighten the skin as you shave. This allows the blade  to pass more smoothly across the surface of your skin.

5. Tender Touch: Use as light a touch as possible when shaving. If you take your time and apply gentle pressure, the razor will glide across the skin with delicate precision, cutting only hair and  avoiding cuts, bumps and irritation.

6. The Icing on the Shave: Apply a soothing after-shave balm or moisturizer to the skin post-shave. This will help the skin to replenish moisture and repair its condition. If you are maintaining a beard, apply a few drops of Beard oil to keep hair in tip top condition. Beard oil softens the hair, hydrates the skin and can add a light scent to keep your beard smelling as good as it looks.

sartorial beard oil

7. Post Shave Recovery: If you do have a slip of the hand and cut yourself (it happens to the best of them), an Alum Stick to applied to a nick in the skin can help stop the bleeding. No need to leave the house with tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck all over your face.

Do you have tried, tested and true shaving tips and techniques? Share them in the comments section below!

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