ETRO Rajasthan Perfume Review

A bottle of ETRO Rajasthan perfume is something in itself. Beautiful paisley in bright fuchsia, orange and purple (the signature ETRO paisley pattern) envelope an oriental floral perfume that captures the beauty and exoticism of India. My first assumption was that this would be a strong spicy fragrance, however I found it to be powdery and soft as cashmere. At first spritz, the scent of winter lemon comes across like lemons on ice, crisp with a blast of pepper. Then the sweetness of mimosa and rose appear as a veil to balance and round out the edges. As Rajasthan dries down further, it takes on a soft powdery finish with notes of amber and musk, almost like creamy vanilla.

Mimosa is one of my favourite floral notes in perfume and usually I would go for a fragrance where Mimosa takes centre stage. However, in ETRO Rajasthan Mimosa plays a less significant role, it’s more or less a player in the background, sharing five minutes of fame with the Rose note before disappearing into a haze of powder. It reminds me of a sweet lassi (a popular and  traditional Indian, yogurt based drink made with yogurt, honey, spices and sometimes fruit). ETRO Rajasthan is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan fragrance that can be worn everyday and makes for a gorgeous scent to wear in the fall/winter months.  

“Rajasthan tells the tale of the constant traveler moving into colourful Maharajah cities in the East, as each sensual scent reveals the inherent femininity, passion and elegance of the nomadic soul.”

TOP NOTES: Pink pepper, Lemon Primo fiore, Polygonum
MIDDLE NOTES: Cassie, Mimosa, Rose
BASE NOTES: Amber, Musk, Ciste

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Natalie Cola, 
The Etiket Insider, Beauty Editor

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