Etiket’s Top Picks for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, we’re getting ready to pamper the wonderful men in our lives. Whether this special day is dedicated to your dad, boyfriend, uncle, brother or hubby, your main man deserves something more than the clichéd gifts of golf balls and ties. Here are our top picks for The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts:

Add a little luxe to Dad’s shaving routine with Penhaligon’s Nickel Shaving Set! This sophisticated and stylish shaving set is timeless in design and purpose. The elegant nickel-plated set is hand-assembled and finished to the highest quality in Sheffield and comprises a classic shaving brush made from ethically sourced badger hair, and a streamlined razor with a Gillette Mach 3 blade.

The collection of Penhaligon’s traditional shaving and grooming products for men includes badger hair shaving brushes, elegant razors, aftershaves and traditional shaving soaps; everything a modern gentleman needs to keep his skin in top condition.


1725 Casanova

Venice, the riparian city of love. In that year of 1725 was born the man whose name would symbolize seduction: Giacomo Girolamo Casanova.

 “What is love then? An illness to which man is prone to any age”, claimed the one who was one after the other abbot, officer, scholar, writer, banker, con artist, magician, infantryman, spy, diplomat, but always claiming his Venetian origins. For every Casanova, here is an eau de parfum inviting intense pleasure, an amber fern mixing fine wooded tunes and touches of lemony freshness, sublimed by the elegance of lavender. Warmed with heady spices and coloured by sweet fruits.

Top Note: Bergamot, Citrus, Grapefruit, Licorice
Heart Note: Lavender, Star Anise
Base Note: Vanilla, Almond, Sandalwood, Cedar, Amber


Update his Dopp Kit with skin care products made just for him! The Recipe for Men skin care line was tested and developed in Sweden under the harshest conditions possible. The result is a groundbreaking new skin care line with exceptional moisturizing and protection properties. Recipe for Men is pure hydration and energy for the skin. The formulations are based on the best quality ingredients available in the world and the actives are carefully selected to fit men’s needs. Oil-free textures guarantee quick absorption and minimize shine. The line includes cleansers, moisturizers, shave gel, eye treatments and antiperspirant deodorant.


Treat Dad to a relaxing treatment or two that will give him the results he wants!

The Men’s Facial (SkinCeuticals)

This treatment is designed to renew the skin, clean up those blackheads and soothe razor burn and ingrown hairs. He will be able to take on the world after this treatment.

The benefit of Neurontin at was almost immediately seen because after four days the attacks became rarer. That’s just after a certain time, the body seems to get used to the dosage and the disease comes back again because the dose was increased a couple of times until the upper ceiling of 2400 mg.

Etiket Foot Care Treatment (Margaret Dabbs of London)

With 26 bones and 3,000 nerve endings in our feet, there`s an awful lot going on down there, and if your feet hurt, life can be miserable! We have developed a supreme foot care treatment to make sure your feet remain healthy and beautiful and enable you to maximize your day to day activities.

To book an appointment, or for more information, please contact us at 1-855-687-3886 or email

The Maduro Leaf Candle – Packed with essential oils, this triple-wick candle burns for up to 110 hours, filling a room with a scent reminiscent of a smoking room in an elegant gentlemen’s club. Evoking wood paneled walls, soft leather armchairs, a fire burning in the grate and the heady scent of cigars; this is a warming and comforting scent. Spicy top notes lead to a heart packed with Cedarwood, Patchouli and Oakwood, while base notes of Amber and White Musk add a rather sensual twist.

Housed in smoky black glass, the wax used is of the highest quality to ensure a superior burn time. The Maduro Leaf candle comes in a wooden box with a sliding lid inspired by traditional cigar boxes.


Bereolaesque: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book for The Urban Sophisticate

You can never go wrong with a good book! Bereolaesque is just that! This savoir-faire man’s guide walks every man through the stages of ordinary to excellence in just two hundred pages. Perfect for that coffee table discussion, Bereolaesque lends quality information to everyday people and celebrities alike. Beyond the book’s mysteriously eye capturing cover are innovative and appealing ways to maneuver through life’s crazes, while keeping cool and maintaining manners. Bereolaesque is for every man and every woman who believe that chivalry is NOT dead, and individuals who are willing to learn exactly how far something as simple as being a gentleman and proper etiquette can get you in life.


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