Spring Forward With Your Skin Care Routine

As we eagerly await the coming of the spring season, we’re likely to think of doing chores to put our homes in order, but what about putting our skin care in order? Balanced skin comes from investing some time in understanding the changes our skin goes through each season. If you don’t know where to start, perhaps a spring skin checklist is in order!

screen-capture-9455Check that all cosmetic products, sunscreens, lotions, creams, serums and cleansers are suitable for spring and not past their expiry dates.

screen-capture-9455Clean out your makeup bag and get rid of old, unwanted products. Then consider purchasing some fresh colours and essentials for the season. If you are not sure what to toss, consult our cosmetics housecleaning timetable in “OUT with the OLD and in with the NEW… Makeup”.

screen-capture-9455Exfoliate skin to reduce buildup of dead skin cells. Even though skin exfoliation should be done throughout the year, spring is the season to give our skin the attention it deserves. Get ready for short skirts and shorts, t-shirts and tank tops!

screen-capture-9455Switch out heavy day creams for a lighter and/or oil free option. Speak to your aesthetician as he/she will be able to evaluate your skin as it changes from season to season and recommend the best products to meet your skins specific needs.

screen-capture-9455Don’t forget about your hair! Over the colder months your hair and scalp also suffer from dryness. As the weather changes, so should your hair care. Consider a hair cut to remove dead ends and quality moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

screen-capture-9455Your sun protection habits should never change. Continue to wear an SPF of at least 30 every day to protect skin from over exposure and premature aging.

screen-capture-9455What better way to announce the arrival of spring than with freshly painted toes! Are your feet ready for sling backs and peep-toe shoes? The skin on your feet is the roughest on your body. Exfoliating and moisturizing regularly with products specifically for them is an absolute must for spring ready feet!


Here is how we prepare for Spring!

“I know, that to maintain young and healthy skin, I need to take good care of it daily. At the beginning of the season, I treat myself to a facial to deep cleanse, exfoliate and nourish my skin. The Result: healthy clear skin and the perfect canvas for my makeup! Time to update my look with a fresh, bright lipstick or blush!”– Ariane Lemire, Professional make-up artist and store manager at Etiket

url“When spring arrives, I book a pedicure and change my dark polish for a lighter colour such as white or soft peach. I also switch my perfume for a fresh scent, something fruity like Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine.” – Paule Roussin, Aesthetician at Etiket




“A new season is always a good excuse to make some changes: new clothes, shoes, hair style…  the list could go on and on. This time of year is also an opportunity to renew my skin with the help of my aesthetician of course! I love the Hydra Facial, a treatment that combines deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, hydration and antioxidant protection. My Spring facial leaves my skin plumped (wrinkles and fine lines are less visible: I love it!), clear and glowing!” – Karine Raymond, Rédactrice – The Etiket Insider

screen-capture-47“As my Birthday falls on the first full day of spring, I always like to indulge, and nothing makes me feel more beautiful than a fresh haircut! This year I am being daring and cutting at least 4 inches off!  I also like to make a change in my hair care products. Because the winter has taken its toll on my colour treated hair, it is more dry than usual. A deep conditioning treatment will bring my hair back to life! I’ll let you know how it all turns out!” – Sari Sheiner, Beauty Expert at Etiket



“Come the spring, my skin is pasty pale. Not a good time to be showing legs and arms. To prepare for skirts and t-shirts, I make sure to exfoliate my skin every time I shower. After my shower, I apply St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everday Body (Dark) self-tanning lotion, and for my face, I apply St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Face (Med-Dark). The colour builds beautifully and after 3-4 applications, I take a break and maintain with my favourite body butter. I am glowing from head to toe!” – Natalie Cola, Beauty Editor – The Etiket Insider



“For me, spring is always about getting back into shape. Each year it seems to be something different and this year I have set some serious goals. My ultimate goal is The Ride to Conquer Cancer which is a ride from Montreal to Quebec City in July and to train for that I am doing a Spartan Race in May and a half-marathon in April. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” – Simon Tooley, President/Owner of Etiket

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