7 Skin Care Tips for Men



Foaming Face Wash Consonant1. Use a facial cleanser
Gentleman, forget about the good ol’ bar of soap! When it comes to your face, use a cleanser for the skin. Soap is too harsh for your face – no matter how rugged you are – and it will dry out your skin.

2. It’s okay to moisturize!
Dehydrated skin isn’t sexy! Using a moisturiser diminishes signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles will become less apparent. Men have an unfair advantage – we hold collagen longer than women so the skin doesn’t show signs of aging as quickly. Sorry ladies! – women still need to moisturise more often!

SkinCeuticals Physical Fuison3. Yep! Even men need sunscreen….. all the time!
The sunrays will age you faster than anything else! Protecting your skin with appropriate sun block, every day, will not only slow down your skin’s aging process, it will help protect you against skin cancer. Melanoma is not a disease to be taken lightly. It may start on the skin but it spreads throughout the body. Protect your skin!

4. Eye contours require eye contour care
The skin around our eyes is very different from the skin on the rest of our face. It is thinner, more fragile and needs special protection. There are creams developed primarily for eye contour to provide our peepers with the best possible care.

avstbodyoil5. Hydrate the body
Body lotion is an essential ally for the man looking to provide his outer vessel with proper nourishment. Slathering on the right moisturizing lotion can help keep skin supple and delay the signs of aging. Look for speci c ingredients for speci c actions – such as vitamin A, C and E for anti-aging, or shea butter for intense hydrating.

vitaminbhand6. Mind your hands
Scaly hands are not sexy! Ask your wife, partner or lover as they experiment it… rst hand! Hand cream will provide your hands with the tenderness they de- serve. And if it’s a matter of smell or feel, know that non-scented and non-greasy products DO exist. Some high quality hand creams may even include AHA to counter lines and age spots. A tip: your hands do reveal your real age.

7. Care for your hair
Again, the bar of soap is your enemy, even if you have a crew cut! Always use a shampoo appropriate for your type of hair. Dry, greasy, with or without dandruff… there are shampoos for every type. Men who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair will be hap- py to know specialized products can enhance/thicken the hair. And if you are the gym-every-day type of guy, use kinder shampoos for multiple washes. Your hair will thank you!