100% Natural is 100% Effective: Tata Harper

Last Friday, we had the honour of having Tata Harper visit with us at Etiket! I was really excited to meet the woman behind this 100% natural and organic skin care line that I have been researching and reading about for months now.

Tata is as lovely in person as she is in the photos I have seen of  her Vanity Fair shoot! While she is a beauty, she is just as brainy too! Armed with a scientific background in Industrial Engineering , she speaks with passion, authority and articulation on how and why she developed her skin care line.
5 years of research and development paid off in one of the most effective organic skin care lines on the market today!

As part of our hands-on Skin Retreat, Tata walked through each step of her signature Rejuvenating Facial. We each had  a bowl and product to apply and by the end of it, we were all glowing and enlightened.

I love the fact that these products are 100% natural and 100% effective! I also loved the luxurious scent of all the products made from flower extracts and essential oils. I have combination skin, and was worried that I would be even shinier then usual. I was surprised to discover that the Rebuilding Moisturizer had a mattifying effect, and although I looked “dewy”, I was not shiny.  Am I convinced? Yes! I am going to give Tata Harper Skin Care a go for the next four months, so I will let you know how it goes.

Note: I like to follow a strict skin care regime regardless of what line I am using.  As with any products, I choose to go hard and follow the instructions made by the manufacture (you will always receive maximum results by doing this).

Tata Harper Facial at Home: Use the Resurfacing Mask once a week, to give your skin and pores a deep cleanse and remove all dead skin cells.

1. Remove your make up with the Refreshing Cleanser. Apply the 2-3 pumps of the product on an esthetic wipe or cotton pad and wipe in a circular motion.  Cleanse your face, and neck. Repeat.

2. Apply a thick layer of the Resurfacing Mask with a mask brush, spatula or your fingers on to your face and neck. Leave on for 15-30minutes and remove by using a damp face cloth.

3. Spritz your entire face and neck with the Hydrating Floral Essence. 4-5 sprays are all you need.

4. While the face is still moist from the Hydrating Floral Essence, apply 1-2 pumps of the Rejuvenating Serum to the entire face and neck.

5. If you have oily/combination skin, apply the Rebuilding Moisturizer to the face and neck.  If you have dry or mature skin, use the Repairative Moisturizer.

6. Next apply the Restorative Eye Creme to the eye area (use your ring finger when applying any eye cream to this delicate area).

7. Finally, use the Replenishing Nutrient Complex to entire face, lips, and neck. Skin will be completely infused and hydrated.  3-4 drops per area.

Seven steps may seem long, but remember that this is a once a week treatment. Make it a Sunday ritual and be fresh-faced for the week ahead. Enjoy!

Natalie Cola
Etiket Insider Beauty Editor


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